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New EP Release

Songs In The Key Of Leigh

A new and a very different journey for me this time around, with a very

special EP of five original songs


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Each of us have books written about our lives within the libraries of heaven, and therefore it is our responsibility to find out what that is. My passion and assignment is an 'atmosphere changer' through the beautiful instrument of the piano, creative music and now song. Things are ever evolving through my music from sounds that create relaxation  to new spontaneous songs during worship. All come through receiving and knowing how much the Father loves me, spending time with the Lord and walking with the Holy Spirit and allowing him to lead in my life. 

There are many prophetic words about not giving up on your dreams and they will be resurrected if we pray and believe. I can share with you now, after thirty years, that the Lord in his kindness can make that happen

within a day. I always had a sound within me that didn't seem to come out as good to others as it sounded in my spirit and in my head. The Lord has taken me through years of learning, crafting and honing me and building my confidence to bring me to this point. For those who have been waiting a very long time; despite the present darkness and the turmoil, it's never too late to see what you know

God has given you inside, come to fruition.


The Lord's definition of 'A day' can be literal or a season of time. Since August 2022 however, things have changed dramatically from a place of waiting and sometimes frustration, to a time of dreams being realized. Like all of us, I experienced great change and loss of relationships in the last five years, and I was pulled right out of my comfort zone. Only now I see that it was absolutely necessary to embrace the great challenges of the new and to grow in an even deeper dependency on the Lord.

He has shown me that it's important to find new friends of like mind and vision who not only celebrate you, but are already doing what you are called to do. It will challenge your mindset and all your insecurities will surface, but it is really worth it! His timing is perfect and never when we would like it to be.

However, in his wisdom he has left it until now. In our weakness he becomes strong and all the glory goes to him. It's time to make Jesus famous again.

The reason that I live...

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I have lingered in the Song of Songs for a long season and Isaiah 60 is my scripture

for 2023. And so in this time of great darkness, his glory is shining upon us.

This doesn't mean that we have to strive to shine. If it is really dark and the

Lord is living within us, then we are already shining.

I believe it is also the time to release our own authentic sound; the songs that the

Holy Spirit is giving us.  Not to copy the popular sounds that have gone before, as

relevant as they have been to the church. A new, authentic sound is arising and there

are many leaving the church, not because they are 'falling away', but because they are desperate for Jesus and his presence, without the frills, the religion, the formulas, fear of upsetting the status quo, and the entertainment.












As we move forward, it is only the sounds birthed from the Holy Spirit that will remain true.

What sound does our nation have, our local community or our own personal relationship

with the Lord? What about the marketplace?


I have played in the foyer of a bank, the police station and in people's homes and recently

in my Mum's retirement complex. My new challenge for this year; it's not just time to think outside the box, but live with no box at all.


I am no celebrity or big ministry, but through his love and grace, I am called to usher in the King. And so as an act of joyful obedience, I present to you my best offering from my heart and pray that it brings you to the feet of Jesus, wherever you are.


He is the only reason that I do this, and the only reason that I live......


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