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Piano Tuning Services
Pitch Raise & Fine Tuning + Light Repairs

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I trained at the London College of Furniture in the 1980's and I am an associated member of The Pianoforte Tuners Association. I have freelanced for various piano companies over the years, in The Midlands, Yorkshire, London , USA and South Africa and now I have relocated to East Sussex.


Pianos are an organic instrument made of wood, felt, glue and steel which will expand and contract under different environmental conditions. Therefore I suggest having your piano tuned at least twice a year (depending on the amount of use) and checked over at least once a year to see that the action is sufficiently regulated and aligned.


Piano Tuning Services
Piano Lesson
Bonners Piano Centre

Bonners have three Piano Centres, Milton Keynes, Reigate & Eastbourne. They specialise in Digital and Acoustic Uprights & Grands, as well as a great guitar centre. Lovely staff and great customer service.

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