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My Projects
Film & Tv Composer

Like all creatives, I have written several projects and only some have been worth pursuing and most of them need finishing! I had the absolute joy of seeing my first composition performed by this orchestra. I went to University on the year of my 50th birthday and this piece was part of my portfolio for my composition degree. It was something I had dreamed of for years and was so blessed to see that dream become a reality.


Now I have music going worldwide through production libraries as a Composer of Film & TV. I am a witness to the fact that it is never too late to learn or to try things that you are fearful of.

My composition premiered at York Barbican

Songs In The Key Of Leigh 2023

The Latest EP Release

The Guildhall Orchestra

There has been a change of direction this year from full instrumental to song writing of an eclectic mix of styles, inspired from beautiful times of worship for the National Heart Of Worship with Nigel Cameron and Julie Cameron-Hall.

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York Barbican 2017

'Motto'  in May 2017

The Guildhall Orchestra

One the high lights of my life when my orchestral piece was performed at the York Barbican by the Guildhall Orchestra, conductor Simon White.

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Winter's End Album Promo

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