The piano is a wonderful instrument and needs to be treated with the greatest respect. It requires tuning every 6 months, especially if it is played often. The temperature of the room is important; not too warm or on a radiator so that you dry out the soundboard and loosen the tuning pins. [This would be obvious if the piano is out of tune quicker than usual and the pitch begins to drop].  If it's too humid, it can cause sticking notes and squeaks and the wood will swell.

Make sure you have a tuner at least once a year to maintain your instrument, just like you would service a car and put it through an MOT. Then further work may be spotted and fixed by a technician before there is too much deterioration.


I hope you have as much pleasure as I have in discovering the world of the pianoforte!

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Lauren is a fantastic piano/keyboard teacher. I had a bit of music knowledge, from singing in other bands and could play a few basic chords, but nothing more. Lauren is teaching me everything from theory to chords, to song writing and I’m loving it. Her knowledge is incredible but she teaches in a way that makes it so easy to understand. She asked me what I wanted to learn and how I wanted to do it and has been so accommodating. Each lesson we do some theory and then either switch to something else or carry on with theory, depending on how I’m feeling that day. I am so glad I started these lessons, it gives me a creative outlet and even if I’m tired at the start, I finish the lesson feeling really refreshed.

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Nat, from Colchester