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From the 1980's I followed a passion and developed a career training as a professional Piano Tuner, as my dreams of being a concert pianist did not quite hit the mark!

I am a member of the P.T.A. and over the last 30 years, worked for various companies in London, York,  The Midlands, further a field in the USA, South Africa, and now I am back in East Sussex. 


This amazing instrument, which has survived many seasons of change, is in my experience, the most beautiful invention ever created. I was told that piano tuners will always be in demand, but by the year 2000, this changed dramatically, with the advancement of technology and reasonable alternatives.


However, I am glad to say that we are now back in fashion and the demand is greater than ever! More piano tuning info on the gallery. You will also discover that I compose and sell original worship music for your moments of relaxation and need of encouragement.

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Hailsham, East Sussex, United Kingdom

 (m) 07790985223

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  • Can I pay by credit card?
    Yes I provide a card machine, with izettle fee of £1.44 excluded.
  • How often should my piano be tuned?
    Ideally every six months and at least once a year. Issues that will effect the stability of the tuning: Never place the piano directly on or near a radiator The room is too hot or too damp Never place the piano in direct sunlight Customers sometimes think that if it's not played etc, they can leave the piano for 2 years before having it tuned again. This is an illusion as the pitch will gradually drop every winter or go sharp in the summer due to the change of humidity (Some Yamaha U3's being the exception) When the tuner arrives they will have to spend longer getting it back to its original pitch and this will cost you more. Playing the piano on a regular basis will demand more frequent tuning. Teachers and those preparing for exams, musicians recording for albums usually have their piano tuned every 3 months. I usually give a discount on this regular requirement.
  • How much does it cost to have a tuning?
    A standard tuning is £70.00 and depending where you live will determine the cost of travel on top. Please call me so that we can discuss your piano further. Click on image for more information.
  • Do I need to buy a keyboard or a piano?
    There are a number of choices and yes, you will need either a portable, electronic keyboard, a digital piano or an accoustic piano. If you have any questions about choosing the best kind of instrument, please get in touch. I also recommend some companies on my website.
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